We cater to the custom call maker by offering most any parts and supplies needed to build a turkey call, duck call, grunt call, owl hooter, crow call, goose call or coyote howler. Some of the parts available are glass, slate, aluminum, anodized aluminum or copper for friction turkey calls and striker rods for turkey calls in many varieties. Complete owl hooter, grunt call, crow call, and coyote howler kits are available or sound board/insert assemblies for crow calls, grunt calls, duck calls, goose calls, owl hooters and coyote howlers. Many turkey call diaphragmsare also available. We also offer custom plastic molding of your existing parts. All of our parts and supplies are too numerous to mention here so come on in and see for yourself what Grassy Creek has to offer!

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NEW! Premium Vermont red, green and purple slate in stock 7/26/18

NEW! Laser engraving services available, contact us for more info

3" ceramic in stock with discounted pricing!

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Half blasted option on selected surfaces!

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New brass friction/sound boards in stock!

3-1/2" Ceramic friction surface 3 Reed "High and Mighty Morels 30oz. tumbler 3-1/2" Glass .080 thk.
3 Reed "High and Mighty
Our Price: $3.70
Morels 30oz. tumbler
Our Price: $15.00
3-1/2" Glass .080 thk.
Our Price: $1.75
3-1/2" Aluminum "Fryin' Pan" .080 thk 3" Slate .080 thk Double Split Reed Deer Logo 30oz. tumbler
3" Slate .080 thk
Our Price: $2.30
Double Split Reed
Our Price: $3.70
Deer Logo 30oz. tumbler
Our Price: $15.00
2-1/2" glass 3 Reed "V" Cut 3" Aluminum Fryin' Pan 3-1/2" Brass Fryin' Pan
2-1/2" glass
Our Price: $1.75
3 Reed "V" Cut
Our Price: $3.70
3" Aluminum Fryin' Pan
Our Price: $2.55
3-1/2" Brass Fryin' Pan
Our Price: $4.35
3.5 Reed Cutter 3" Fryin' Pan brass 3-1/2" Brass 3" Glass .080 thk.
3.5 Reed Cutter
Our Price: $3.70
3" Fryin' Pan brass
Our Price: $3.45
3-1/2" Brass
Our Price: $3.85
3" Glass .080 thk.
Our Price: $1.75
3" brass 3" Copper Fryin' Pan Hunt Fish Forage Eat 30 oz. tumbler Turkey/morels 30oz. tumbler
3" brass
Our Price: $2.95
3" Copper Fryin' Pan
Our Price: $6.50
Double Reed "High And Mighty 2-3/4" glass 3-1/2" Copper .062 thk 3" Copper .062 thk.
2-3/4" glass
Our Price: $1.75
3-1/2" Copper .062 thk
Our Price: $5.75
3" Copper .062 thk.
Our Price: $5.75
3-1/2" Crystal 3-1/2" Copper "Fryin' Pan" .062 thk. 3-1/2" Slate .080 thk
3-1/2" Crystal
Our Price: $4.50
3-1/2" Slate .080 thk
Our Price: $2.30