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Mickcreations can also build to your specs so your company can be sure to have an original line of calls. We do polyurethane duplication of existing parts, what this means is if you have an existing part, for example a duck call insert, goose call, crow call, owl hooter, grunt tube, etc. that you would like us to duplicate, we can most likely do it. Whatever you send us to duplicate in poly,be it a wooden duck call insert or a plastic grunt tube, make sure it is exactly what you want because it will be an exact duplicate of what you sent us. To elaborate a bit, if you send us a wooden duck call insert to duplicate, your new poly insert will have wood grain in it, as our mold process picks up even the finest detail (we actually use your original piece to make our molds). So with that being said we can duplicate wood parts but do not like to because plastic does not look good with wood grain in it. On the other hand if you send us an acrylic call with laser engraving on it our mold process will pick up the laser engraving and your new parts will all have the original laser engraving in them with no need to send each part to the laser engraver. The best parts for us to duplicate will be made of acrylic or some other type of smooth material. If you must send a wooden part to duplicate, we suggest you fill the grain in with something, (primer, finish etc.) sand between coats until it is smooth, unless your okay with wood grain in your plastic.

If you have ever inquired about having a new turkey call pot, duck, goose, crow, grunt call or whatever built for you by injection molding, I think you will agree our pricing is an outstanding value, considering injection molding fees run $3000 - $10,000! Duck, crow, goose, deer, owl call inserts will run you around $3.50 to $5.00 per part, (duplication). Complete tube calls, (barrel and insert), not including reeds will cost around $7 to $10 per call, (duplication).Duplication means you sending us the pieces to be duplicated and built.

Setup Fees (one time)
One piece, (for example duck inserts and goose guts)- $30.00
Two piece calls, (for example complete duck and goose calls)- $50.00

Sending us your parts
After you have your piece or pieces ready to be molded, send them with the appropriate setup fees to:
18860 316th ave.
CANTON MO. 63435

We will then mold your part and send two samples to you for your approval.

For more info, call 660-216-7711 or E-Mail to [email protected] .